Final Report is available here!

Summerland residents – thank you so much. Approximately 1,300 of you contributed in some way to the Future Summerland Urban Growth Strategy Project. That is a remarkable turnout for a planning process! We hope that you stay engaged in community and municipal projects and issues. Summerland has great community spirit and involvement, to be sure.

The consulting team has done its best to completely and transparently represent the public and technical inputs to this process for presentation to Council. The two public engagement reports and this final report summarize all of the public events, surveys and land use modelling culminating in a presentation on the facts of future growth in Summerland as well as public opinion on the matter. Please take a look – it’s mostly pictures, so it’s a fun read (we hope)!

Read the final report here!

Appendix 2: Phase 1 Public Engagement Report is here.

Appendix 3: Phase 2 Public Engagement Report is here.

Appendix 7: Analysis of Potential Urban Growth Areas Report is here.